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Cat Zingano says Amanda Nunes was “disrespectful and being an A*****e” at UFC 207

What provoked this comment from Women’s Bantamweight Title contender Cat Zingano?

Cat Zingano watched the main event at UFC 207 more intensely than most of us, if Ronda Rousey had won, the Bantamweight title picture would have been a lot more interesting (not to say it isn’t already interesting enough). Zingano has already lost,pretty decisively to Ronda Rousey, however Zingano has already defeated current champion Amanda Nunes. This would have made the prospect of Cat Zingano becoming champion at some point much more possible. Cat had this to say about Amanda’s performance.

“Amanda was great, she went out there and beat her decisively, quickly, immediately when the fight was stopped I was like, damn, good show. Props. And then, within two minutes, my entire impression and everything changed. Because as soon as they handed Amanda the microphone she just started going off, and being completely disrespectful and being an a*****e, being like, ‘forget Ronda, forget Ronda.’”

Which is a fair point, most of the time we see champions as respectful and gracious in victory, except maybe a certain Irishman who won’t be named (*cough* Connor McGregor *cough*). Although Ronda wasn’t exactly know for her sportsmanship and kindness (remember the time she beat up Bethe Correia in 34 seconds, walked over and said “don’t cry, don’t cry” although to be fair Correia did make a very below the belt comment about Ronda’s dad killing himself).

Cat did have this to say about her fight with Nunes, “That whole first round, I just got my head caved in, I was dizzy. I couldn’t be in light for a month. I put on like 30 pounds because my pituitary gland got knocked around and my hormones were all screwed up. I had never been hit like that in a fight.”

Cat Zingano fighting Amanda Nunes. Credit: UFC

So there’s no doubt that Cat Zingano respects Amanda Nunes as a fighter, but as an on mic personality? Not so much…

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