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Anthony Johnson reveals new career plan, Ian McCall’s advice; “Get a good lawyer”

‘Uncle Creepy’ Ian McCall tells Anthony Johnson to “get a good lawyer”.

Pictured: Anthony Johnson at UFC 202.

Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson announced his retirement after losing for a 2nd time to Daniel DC Cormier for the light heavyweight title and since then has kept his retirement plans fairly quiet. Recently however, Johnson spoke on ‘Heated Conversations‘ and revealed all.

Johnson plans to change games completely and go into the medical marijuana business. With the drug becoming ever more legal within the states already huge business is set to grow even bigger and Johnson wants a piece of the action. Johnson plans to go into business with his friend ‘Paul’ who currently lives in Canada. They’re planning to set up in Florida once a bill is legalized. A recent vote received 71% for the legalization. The bill has recently been stalled but lawmakers are pushing for a special session to get it into place.

“My friend Paul, he’s in Canada, and we’re opening up a facility – you know what I mean – and it’s for medical usage.”

Pictured: Ian McCall at UFC Fight Night Dublin media day.

Ian McCall a current UFC fighter has also dabbled with the medical marijuana business before. His advice to Johnson is to “Get a really, really good lawyer, and pay the yearly retainer fee. Pony up, because the rules change all the time. When the rules change like that, you can go to f*******g prison.”

The constant law changes with major consequences are one of the reasons McCall gave up the business before properly getting started.

As soon as the law is passed then Johnson plans to get the ball rolling, he said:

“We’re just waiting on that law to pass, and whenever it passes, we’re golden,” Johnson said. “We’re playing our cards right. We are playing by the books, so that way there is no issue.”


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