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5 Game Changing Signature Moves in MMA

Transforming from its insane origins to become an organized and multi-skill art; Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has come a long way. It is no longer an art where a fighter can depend on a single skill set, instead the fighters have to brush up their striking, wrestling and Brazilian jiu jitsu, and make use of all of them to win a MMA fight and a chance at making the top of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. But even after months of training and possessing multiple skill sets, still fighters might have to rely on a single technique for victory. Their signature move is like something they have in their back pocket, fighters have the tendency of using their techniques and change the complete course of a fight.

To highlight a few signature moves of some MMA fighters, we have here compiled a list of Top 5 Moves in MMA, which have proved to be capable of pulling off a win in any given game.

  1. Overhand Right: Although the overhand right has been used by many MMA fighters, but no one does it better than Dan Henderson. Being 44, well past the age of most combat sports athletes, Henderson has managed to still be threat due to this punch, which his fans like to call the “H-Bomb”. This punch has given Henderson such fruitful results that even in the fights where it felt like a loss is imminent for Henderson, he made use of his “H-Bomb” and pulled off a remarkable win.
  2. Head Kick: This move is one of the most fierce and powerful when it comes to finishing MMA fights within few seconds. Mastered by Mirko Cro Cop; the head kick is a ferocious kick right in the head of the opponent, knocking them out. Mirko Cro Cop has made use of this kick successfully, dropping men like Wanderlei Silva, Igor Vovchanchyn and Alexander Emelianenko.
  3. Liver Shot: Bas Rutten was one of the most frightening strikers in MMA history. He used to love to target the opponents liver, which is why his favorite and mastered move was the liver shot. This move felt like a stab to the liver, Rutten hit livers so hard that it’s hard to believe why they didn’t come out through the back of his opponents. His this move left the opponent unconscious when hit on the head, and fairly conscious when hit on the liver, making the opponent feel every bit of agonizing pain of a bleeding internal organ.
  4. Armbar: Feels like an inspiration from Chris Jericho, Ronda Rousey learned this move from her native sport of Judo. Rousey made use of this move a lot of times, right from her first fight against Meisha Tate and it has won her two fights up till now. Rousey continues to use this move again and again in her fights, making the legend of her signature Armbar continue to grow.
  5. Knees from the Clinch: The use of knees from the Muay Thai clinch was successfully employed by Anderson Silva against Rich Franklin who had no idea what was coming for him. Silva’s signature move; Knees from the Clinch is used by first clinching the opponents head in both hands and hitting it with the knee with full force. Rich Franklin was left to bleed with a broken nose after being knocked out in that fight against Anderson Silva.

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